Our Vision Mission

Our Vision and Mission


Our Vision

G.O.S.P is not only a spice trading company but also an organisation of organic farmers in the Karnataka State. The company aims to widen the network of Organic Farmer Associations by training the producers, by providing market information and by connecting them to export markets. However the primary concern is to provide domestic and global market to our organically grown products.

Our Mission and Objectives

Major objective of G.O.S.P is to market the organic products of farmer members at local, national and international level. This however calls for organic certification according to international standards for organic farming.

Presently, most of the farmers in the project area are practicing traditional organic farming methods. Most of them have never used any synthetic chemical fertilizers, pest and disease control methods. In a way they are organic by default. Most of the farmers grow only one or two crops and dependent on the same for their livelihood. The major drawback in this area is that they are not organized and certified as organic farmers. Hence G.O.S.P was formed to organize farmers, systematically train them in organic agriculture according to international standards and to maintain internal control system (ICS) for the group. G.O.S.P attempts to educate farmers about good agricultural practices, to create awareness about the hazards of using synthetic chemical fertilizers and pesticides and also about ecological issues rising because of chemical farming.