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Other Product

Green Valley Organic Spices deals with organically grown spices which are used in food preservation, cooking, cosmetics, and also used for medicinal purposes. All our products are processed by following curing norms. Some products are available in all possible forms. Description of each product is given below.


Bird Eye Chili

It is small size chilli used in pickles, Thai dishes and medicine. Bird eye chilli belongs to the family of Capsicum Chinese. These chillies are very spicy. Normally these plants look like any ordinary chilli plant but the chillies would be of very small size. Raw chillies are used directly in cooking. Dried bird eye chillies are marketed in bulk.



It is the seed of Nutmeg tree which is used as spice. It is used in deserts, dishes, and medicine. Dried nutmeg shelled and powdered is available. The mace, an outer red layer of the seed is also useful as a flavour. We provide dried mace of nutmeg too.


Garcinia Cambogia

It is known as ‘Uppage’ in Kannada. It is used for culinary purpose and herbal medicine. Garcinia Cambogia is an evergreen tree grown in the western coast of India. Karnataka and Kerala are main producers. The fruit rinds are used for curries. Processed Garcinia Cambogia is actually dried fruit rind. It will be blackish in colour and tastes sour. It is used for making hydroxy citric acid. Dried Garcinia Cambogia is available in 50 kg and 75 kg plastic coated jute bags. Life of the product is 2-3 years.

Garcinia Indica

This tree belongs to Garcinia family, but its fruits are different from Cambogia. Garcinia Indica is known as Kokum. Kokum is used for cooking as an alternative to tamarind in the Western Ghats area. Kokum is also used for making juice and for medicinal purpose. G.O.S.P provides processed fruit rind and Kokum syrup. Dried Kokum will be packed in 50 and 75 kg bags. Syrup is used for making soft drinks that is available in bottles.

Red Rice

G.O.S.P provides organically grown local variety rice. Red rice is one such variety which will be in red colour. Red rice contains great amount of nutrition. It is available in 50kg and 75kg plastic coated jute bags

Dried Banana

Full ripen bananas will be dried in driers and will be cut into small pieces. These are used for deserts and can be eaten as dry fruits. These are available in 200gm, 500gm, 1kg and 5 kg polypropylene bags. This can be preserved for 5-6 months.


We provide good quality honey that is produced locally. Fresh honey could be ordered in advance. Honey will come in bottles.


It is also known as Indian Gooseberry. Amla is known to have medicinal properties. It is used for the growth and shine of hair. In India all parts of the Amla tree are used. Its bark, leaves, root, seeds and fruits –all seem to have medicinal properties. However we provide dried Amla slices.

Areca Nut

Areca nut is one of the main commercial crops of Uttara Kannada region. We are age old growers of this crop. It is known as betel nut that is used in Pans. Commercially it is available in dried, processed forms. G.O.S.P provides whole processed nut, and slices. You can order in bulk.


This spice is used in desserts. The Cinnamon barks are used to extract oil. We provide dried barks of cinnamon.

Cashew Nut

It is used as dried fruits, can be eaten like snacks. Cashew nuts are also used in curries, sweets, and in many other South Asian cuisines. We provide whole nuts and also sliced cashew nut in vacuum packs.




It is used in various forms. Grated fresh coconut is used for making dishes mostly used in South Indian dishes. Grated dried coconut comes in vacuum packs. We provide grated dried coconut, dried copra, and coconut oil.


It is unrefined whole cane sugar used in Asia. This will come in solidified blocks, or in concentrated liquid form. Jaggery is an alternative to sugar and healthier than sugar. It will be in brown colour. We provide both local made simple jaggery and organic jaggery.

Soap Nut

This is also called Reetha. Scientifically it is known as Sapindus and in India Sapindus emarginatus is largely grown. Seeds are dried and powdered for final use. We provide powdered soap nut.

Coffee Beans

We provide properly processed coffee beans and coffee powder.