Main Products

Main Product

Green Valley Organic Spices deals with organically grown spices which are used in food preservation, cooking, cosmetics, and also used for medicinal purposes. All our products are processed by following curing norms. Some products are available in all possible forms. Description of each product is given below.


Vanilla and It’s Curing

Vanilla belongs to an orchid family specially grown for extraction of vanillin that is used as a flavouring essence. Vanilla vine was originally grown only in Mexico and in some parts of Central America. Due to the spread of hand pollination method global cultivation of the crop started. In India the Bourbon-Madagascar variety Vanilla is grown. The Western Ghats of Karnataka in which we are located is ideal for Madagascar variety of Vanilla. The green Vanilla pods are processed to get good quality dry beans. Our farmers are well trained in Bourbon method of processing to get good quality dry beans. The vanillin extracted from the dry pods is used in cooking, medicine, cosmetics and ice creams. Even the dry pods could be directly used in the preparation of sweets.

The processed vanilla beans are vacuum packed for marketing. Beans are packed in wax coated carton boxes and will be dispatched in bulk. Our beans contain 1.9 to 2.3% vanillin content and 22 to 26% moisture content. Life of the product is 1 to 2 years.



Black and White Pepper

It belongs to the family of Piperaceae, a kind of vine cultivated for fruits known as peppercorn. Peppercorns are dried to get black pepper. Black pepper is used in medicine and food. In India it is mostly cultivated in the southern states. In India it is processed in two varieties Black and white. 

Black pepper is processed by retaining the outer skin where as white pepper is processed by removing the outer skin. White pepper is used in light coloured dishes since the crushed black corns could be visible in the dish. 

Black pepper is available in 25, 50, and 75 kg plastic coated jute bags. White pepper is also available in 25, 50 and 75 kg plastic coated jute bags. Life of the product is upto 4 and 6 years. If the buyer demands we can provide the lab analysis of black and white pepper. We provide both black and white pepper corns, and powder.




Cardamom is the queen of spices that is grown mostly in the Southern part of Asia. Seeds of cardamom are used in preparing sweets, in medicine and used as a flavour in some beverages like tea and coffee. Cardamoms are native to Western Ghats of India.

Cardamom plant belongs to the ginger family. Actually, what we use as seeds, are grown inside the yellow, dried cardamom fruits. Cardamom fruits will be grown above the ground on tender stalks originating from below the cardamom bush. Matured fruits will be hand plucked and dried for processing. Whole fruits and seeds are sold in India. We provide dried cardamom -whole fruits both green and yellow, seeds and powder.




Cloves are aromatic flower buds of clove tree. Dried flower buds are harvested. Cloves are used in food processing and medicine. They are used in adding flavour to dishes. Clove was introduced by the British in 1800. Flower buds are hand plucked at the correct stage and are dried in sun. Good quality cloves will be crispy and will be in dark brown colour.



Turmeric Finger

Turmeric is obtained in powdered form by the rootstalks of turmeric plants. Rootstalks are called rhizomes. Turmeric plants are native to South Asia. Turmeric is usually used in powdered form, but in some occasions the dried rootstalks (fingers) are used. In India it is used in cooking as a form of spice, in medicine, in cosmetics and in rituals. It is the most important ingredient in Indian cooking. 

Turmeric rhizomes will be carefully plucked from the ground and after that fingers will be separated. Boiled or steamed fingers will be dried and polished for marketing. Colour of the finger determines the price. G.O.S.P provides good quality turmeric fingers, slices and powder.



Ginger Whole

Ginger is used in the form of rhizomes for medicinal and cooking purpose. Ginger plant belongs to the family of turmeric. Usually ginger rhizomes are used in cooking by slicing or mincing. Tea can be flavoured with ginger in winter. It is a food preservative. Ginger paste is much in demand. 

India is one among the prime producers of ginger. Fully matured ginger rhizomes are lifted from the ground and are dried for marketing. For domestic purpose usually rhizomes are not dried. Ginger oil extracted from the sun dried ginger rhizomes is popular among European and American markets. G.O.S.P. provides dried ginger slices and powder.